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Diesel Truck Lemon Law

The diesel engine option typically appeals to ranchers, farmers and business professionals who rely on their trucks for work.  A well-equipped diesel-powered truck can have a sticker price that easily tops $40,000.  For that price you get a super sophisticated engine for a diesel.  It has a lot more horsepower, and there is a lot of new technology built into the newly designed diesel engines in today's trucks.  Unfortunately, some of these new diesel engine designs were released before all the bugs were worked out of the design.

Despite massive recalls and numerous lemon law buybacks of vehicles with engines so badly flawed they couldn't be repaired, the diesel engine option remains popular among truck buyers.

Several angry customers have vented their frustration at problems with their diesel engines on the Internet, while others pursue remedies available under the California Lemon Law.

Normally, the diesel engine offers great performance in terms of pulling power, torque, and efficiency.  They are also designed to last longer than gasoline engines.  However, in some diesel engine trucks, there are still bugs which need to be worked out in the design and manufacturing process.  While some engines suffer from faulty fuel injectors which leak diesel fuel into the crankcase and cause the engine to seize, others suffer from faulty turbocharger systems and engine control software glitches which cause engine roughness, unusual turbo noise and loss of power, charge air cooler (CAC) hose blowing off, excessive smoking out the tailpipe, and premature failure of the turbocharger itself. Other problems include failure to start, poor performance, erratic idle/stalling and surging, white or black smoke/lack of power, excessive consumption. Some of these problems have been successfully repaired by changing the fuel injection control pressure sensor or recalibrating the engine control computer.

The engine's complicated fuel system is believed to be the cause of many problems in the diesel engine.  The high pressure fuel injectors are controlled hydraulically and are responsible for injecting a precise amount of fuel into the engine.  The fuel is pressurized to 3,100 pounds per square inch and each injector must make three injections per piston stroke.  The extreme operating conditions and requirement for precise fuel metering requires a highly engineered system to do the job reliably.  Unfortunately, these new evolved fuel systems are so complicated they occasionally contain glitches, which, even the most seasoned repair technicians are unable to diagnose.

Numerous sensors, filters, regulators and valves control the flow and temperature of the fuel.  The complexity is necessary because it helps the engine produce more power and also to comply with more stringent emissions standards imposed by the EPA.

Other vehicles are plagued with stalling, poor fuel economy and cooling system defects.  There have been several Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's) issued for these problems, but dealers are still unable to permanently fix some of these vehicles.  Drive line vibration and shudder are another problem reported by consumers.

Our team of dedicated legal professionals is well-versed in many of these problems and can help you get a refund under the California Lemon Law.  If you suspect your diesel engine truck may be a "lemon" call us at 1-888-805-3666 for a free consultation and we will review your case with you and discuss options available to you under the California Lemon Law.

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